August 22, 2014

Extraction Haiku at RFM

So, the plural of
haiku is haiku, who knew?
R F M, of course...

So, in an attempt to cover a heap of releases in one fell swoop, Radio Free Midwich have chosen to cover releases from Daniel Thomas, Hagman, Kevin Sanders / Petals and TST, on Beartown Records, Cherry Row Recordings, Hairdryer Excommunication, Kirkstall Dark Matter and SLI, via the medium of haiku...

Head over to Radio Free Midwich and count those syllables...

August 17, 2014

SLI at Cops & Robbers Summer Fest

So, following on from Saturday's festivities at Wharf Chambers - when Bilge Pump, Gummy Stumps, Sex Hands, Commiserations, The Michael Flower Band and Insect Ritual / Guttersnipe all put on a great show - Sunday had a distinctly SLI flavour to it...

So, thanks to The Family Elan, The Zero Map, The Piss Superstition, Sophie Cooper, War Lass, Jake Blanchard and Hagman for playing and making the Sunday a great day too.

There's a couple of minutes of each set (in the player below) or you can download the full recordings by scrolling a little further...

Each of the sets are available to download in a .rar archive, here;

* Set list for Sophie Cooper;
1. Billy in the Field
2. Separate/Join Together
3. Klias Wetlands
4. Finger Trace Song
5. Our Aquarius
6. Lady Lilac

July 30, 2014

New TST on Hairdryer Excommunication

There's a new TST release available from Hairdryer Excommunication now!